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After marriage, every couple, especially the woman, dreams that they now get child happiness. The spirit of motherhood is cherished by every woman. This dream of such a woman can be realized in happy motherhood if she takes care of some important things and follows certain rules

Pregnancy is the time during which a new life is born as a baby inside a woman’s body. During a pregnancy, more than one baby can be born in the same womb, called twins. Pregnancy is a process that usually occurs through sexual intercourse, but it can also be possible through innovative reproductive technology processes through new technology. A pregnancy can also range from giving birth to a live baby, ending in a spontaneous abortion and an induced abortion, or multiple miscarriages. The time from the beginning of the menstrual period (LMP) to the birth of the baby is usually an interval of about 40 weeks. It is a process completed in nine months – (gestational age) where 31 days is the average of each month. The time of fertilization age is about 38 weeks. A fetus develops in the first eight weeks after fertilization, (ten weeks gestational age), after which the term embryo is used until the baby is born. Symptoms of early pregnancy may include nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite or loss of work, excessive urination, tender breasts. Pregnancy can be confirmed with a pregnancy test.

Plan Table

As soon as the woman is aware that she is pregnant, she should be seen immediately and follow the suggestions given by the doctor.
Pregnant woman is advised to
* She must walk in the morning – evening.
* Take food rich in protein, vitamins and iron.
* Do not let the body lack water.

Baby Birth

Your First Scan

Baby Care


Feeding Baby

Weekly Growth of Baby

As your stomach grows, you may want to know what is happening inside the womb, what your baby is doing and how it is developing.

Know here through slides that your baby develops week after week from conception to birth.

Trimester Chart

Learn about weekly fetal development

The doctor resorts to ultrasound to know the development of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. Through this, they see if the fetus is developing properly.

First Trimester

0.4kg – 2.0kg
                                                                  *Woman Weight

Second Trimester

2.0kg – 8.0kg
                                                                  *Woman Weight

Third Trimester

8.0kg – 13.6kg
                                                                  *Woman Weight